My Item rejected for being too generic application, that's the whole idea to keep generic to reach out to more buyers!!!

Hey, I have developed a module with architecture design and all.
Envato rejected because its generic functionalities.
I want to it be useful for all or most users.
Suppose I make a blog or inventory then there is limited user base that will purchase it but if I make a generic module that can be used or be useful to speed up the development of blog or inventory or any other system then only I can reach to max users.
Please let me know what other ideas on it !!
Thanks !!


Usually too general products are available with open source solutions.
Envato strive for unique functionality or a unique twist on existing functionality.

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Its not like any other open source solution and I did not found any open source solution for it.
I have spent a lot time for research and development and keep it generic.
Even If there are open source solution exists then dont you think that its should be buyer preference to compare and choose.

Can you share the demo link for what you created?
Its just user authentication module if we look at the demo but there is lot more in back-end.
Its gives you the complete architecture setup for any new project development, kind of boilerplate.

What I see is - just register/login system.
I wanted to register and check, but it was not possible. At first I came up with password. Now I do not know how to enter phone number. Whatever I do, I cannot continue.

Can you give a user demo?

phone number is optional and you need to verify email first to login.
You can view front end from URL.
Do you prefer to view source code demo ?

There’s one key factor here -

I get you want to deliver mass appeal BUT as @Codewayfarer said this can often result in there being several other alternatives out there and often open source… with that in mind - to achieve premium value i.e.

  • “why would someone pay for it?”
    Or to use your example
  • “why would they choose yours over another!”,
    then you have got to deliver:

A) flawless design and execution (right now it sounds a little bumpy)

B) something additional, even if it retains a the generic base

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With respect, but you have not checked the required fields. Nonetheless, my phone number is not accepted in any way at the time of registration.
Regarding uniqueness - this issimple login system without any interesting features with an abundance of free solutions. For example (20 sec. search Github):

I think you need to add more premium features for go forward.