my item rejected Although it is the best

A few days ago, I submitted an Arabic translation of a script Perfex CRM

I specialize in accounting and business administration The translation was professional
Although there is a very poor translation of the same script
Testimony of all buyers
Why was my translation rejected?
Was it rejected for the benefit of the other seller at the expense of buyers and customers?
Frankly strange your work policy

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I’m pretty sure items need to be in English

Was it just a translation of someone else’s item?

I translated the perfex crm script
It is translated into several languages
And someone translated it into Arabic and he doesn’t speak Arabic and the result is a very bad translation
I translated the original script

Also, all models of the same script are being translated by me

If it’s not your script that you translated then you can’t submit it (unless you have written consent from the original author).

The quality of translation is unfortunately not relevant if you don’t own the item.

Consent has been obtained from the owner of the script

in link

now can i sell ​​translation on the site

Maybe but as above - items should be in English (so envato can accurately check them), so I doubt it’s certain that it would be approved.

If you are going to try then you need to include the screenshot of the authors permission

so why was a translation of the same script approved?
It is in Arabic by someone translated by google translator
The result was very bad
I said from the beginning that there are two standards of treatment

I’m not a reviewer so I wouldn’t be able to comment on the likelihood of approval, but there’s no double standards among people submitting items.

Given the 1 star rating and if the translation is bad then this highlights the importance of items being able to be checked fully.

Don’t forget that submitting the item is only part of the process - all items require things like documentation, etc.