My item "ProWallet" was hard rejected.

Hello, Envato Market hard reject my item, if is possible, can somebody leave feedback about my item. What exactly is not accepted or isn’t at the quality standard.


Can somebody leave some feedback???

I just found some issue like it’ll be nice if you used Transaction PIN for security issue, you can add transaction fee open to see how much fee it’ll take for that transaction, Suppose you send fund from one wallet to another then you are putting 50 usd but there is a fee 1 usd which is not mentioned. Hope more gap found by review team.

There have transaction fee which is paid by amount receiver like in paypal. You can setup percentage fee

Very interesting, the review team does not provide information about why the product is denied, directs us to their forum to ask other authors for opinion, but they do not give any opinion … What exactly is this section of the “Authors”?