My item provided all the specifications and rejected don't know why

I designed my item with all the specifications but still don’t know why rejected and how can I improve it please I need help soon as possible. You guys can see my work and give me a feedback if there is.

Look to my work please :

link doesn’t work

Sorry, romlam now can u check my work please.

I like that all scenes open with the different cut angles, and with the different speed. It’s make your video interesting. But what about structure of scenes: all scenes are very similar, and it’s make your video boring. You should make them more different. And it’s too clean design. Add some flying graphic elements. Just look what other videohive authors sale here, and you will understand what I mean. And I would choose a different font. Even 2 fonts. Or one font, but different thicknesses (thin & bold). Because now the text blocks look boring. Also I would change the final text «Thanks for watching» to logo and tagline or website address.
Good luck! :^)


Thanks, man you right about that I didn’t take care of these things. So after improving the project can I re-upload it again. Because the sent me a warning message that I can not resubmit it again.

You can’t upload the same item, or the same item with the minimal changes. But if you improve it, you can upload it again.
And I forgot write: You can be inspired by the similar projects, but you should make your project at least a little bit diferent and unique. Because there are many similar projects. And your item can be rejected again.

Thanks @romlam for help i appreciate your time for help me. Thanks again and I will try to improve it as much as I can.