My item Pizza Menu Rejected | Help me

hi to be honest i rather like it , but the front page is having some issue to fix if u ask me … first of all there is something to do as regard to the imbrication of the logo and the title “pizza” they looks disconnected at this stage , it appears as if u have an issue with spacing if u will … for me the pizza regarding the kind of item and theme is misplaced it should be central, i am not sure that u have already heard about z-shape reading process but this is describing the way the eye is sweeping across documents and the fact of the matter is that your pizza at this stage, is not a central piece but a bit lost somewhere in the corner, eek pin mind that the focus point in a document is the center of it … u woudl also change the font for "menu " and ag the very least try to decrease the space between letters …that is too big at the moment . i may also add that even if i like both side and i have not much to say for the b-side that there is a bit a discrepancy between the front page much lighter and the b-side being more crammed. otherwise , something that people may not have like is that u can only write a very limited number of pizza names and description … for a menu , this is really super welcome i guess …

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Thank you very much for your feedback. I will take into account and work on it. What do you think, after a refusal, can I change it and resend it for confirmation? or is there no point?

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hi well this is hard to tell … in many case, i would say yes , because lot of authors have a lot of flaws in their item in the first place , but for u , not so sure , because there are tips to make your item slightly better but will that be considered as"significant changes" enough so that they feel like this is legitimate for to resubmit … i have no idea in this case … maybe asking @charlie4282 to confirm just this would be a good idea …

I don’t think it would be difficult to extend what you have here (making it more valuable as well as evolved enough to resubmit).


  • Have a more extended/multi page version which includes drinks, desserts etc.
  • Create social posts which would be used to promote individual pizza’s or dishes
  • Have versions that use different background designs

On a personal level I am not a fan of the’ your logo’ text which feels out of place and in the top mockup the front view looks quite narrow compared to the back. Little things but shows attention to detail in a super crowded space