My item keep getting rejected

Hello, I have created an android app with admin panel, it’s logo quiz application, first time I uploaded it, it get rejected and informed by email that my item need improvements in the UI, so I updated the UI a lot and kept reupload my item but always get rejected, so how can I improve, I even compared my item to top logo quiz apps on google play store and it’s really similar to them, I really can’t find how it’s poor designed or how to improve further, thanks in advanced!

Firstly the Home Screen logo/buttons etc do not look good at all but more than that you can’t use a choice of trademarks as part of your app

Okay, good to know about trademarks thing, but I still don’t know how to improve the UI, I don’t think if I enhance UI in only home screen it will be approved though (it’s not necessary screen)

Items need to be of a premium quality at the time that they are submitted - authors can’t submit designs with the intention to improve it at a later date.

In this example the UI is just not at all premium (aside from the trademark issue). Even with a different concept that didn’t involve the logos, the general standards of other basic elements and design is not where it needs to be.

It’s been discussed and suggest a million times, and they do feedback for items which are close to the standard or soft rejected.

There’s no way they could offer detailed feedback on every item rejected - there are into the thousands of submissions weekly - doing this would slow the approval process massively.

Also, based on some items which are submitted, giving feedback would not make any difference to them improving their errors. There are numerous examples even in the forums where ‘authors’ clearly do not have the experience to take even basic feedback and actually know enough to action that. This will lead to more delays and more frustration for both reviewers and authors.