My item just got a Hard Rejected. WHY?


Just recently my site template item was hard rejected by the reviewer.
I don’t know why it has been hard rejected?

This is the preview link:

Can someone give me feedback so that my next item can be considered?

Thank you in advance.


1.the website isn’t scrollable, i have to manually press on about me section so i can get there and this is bad ux and it might turn the reviewer off. i suggest make it so when i scroll down the sections changes automatically.
2.some headings needs to be bolder and bigger specially in light mode.
3.the website is too typical, nothing new, and there many of this kind of portfolio templates, try something different and i think this is why it got rejected.
hope you the best.


Alright, I will make something new for next item. Thanks bro for your feedback

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You did a great job.

However, it’s really disappointing matter for geting hard rejected.

As I can say, your template does not have any artistic elements. There are lots of similar design and functions items in the market. So, it’s got rejected. Try to make something new!

Wishing your success!


Thank you, now I’m in the process of making something new.

Thank you for the feedback.


Not bad.

  • Try to find more interesting icon font, FontAwesome is WAAAY too overused.
  • Also the typography is just too simple, especially titles.
  • Both color schemes are kinda boring.
  • Those animations when switching section are bland.

Overall, my impression is that it is well done and boring at the same time. I wouldn’t necessary scratch this concept though. Just try to make it look more appealing.


Thank you very much for the feedback. I now understand what you mean @LSVRthemes

Hope the next item can be accepted :innocent: