My item is rejected

I had submitted an item called ‘All-in-One Video Downloader/ Status Saver php (70+ sources)’ yesterday.
and today i got an mail that my item has been rejected.
mail contains only ‘unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.’
there is no reson mentioned in this mail.
can anybody please tell me the exact reson of rejection .
demo link :

There are too many similar items on the market.

Your item does not contribute anything new.

the topic of product might be same.
but content of my product is too diffrent.
i have supported 70+ social network to download videos from them ( no one have this much quantity on codecnyon)
even i have provided a native android app code along with php script.

Even i have added Mx takatak and moj video downloader script.
No one is provident this downloader script on entire codecnyon

I have seen similar threads several times. Right now, I think it’s almost impossible to get approval for that category. Market is oversaturated. And I try to keep quiet that such downloaders are on verge of a copyright foul

They are clamping down on these (I know there are still some for sale) as downloading other people’s content on some networks is against policy/legality

Hmm, this should not be legal, why should someone be allowed to download my stuff without my permission!

I have no problem if they rejected my product, But at least they need to tell us that why actually it rejected. We are taking lots of efforts to making product, those guys need to spend at least 1 or 2 minutes to give us reason that why they are going to reject any item, so that we can take care of those things in future.

It is true that developers spend a lot of time on dev & test, but the only feedback I’ve seen is pretty much always for soft rejections, where they point out on specific things for improvement or fixing. For hard rejection, possibilities could be endless and spending 1 or 2 minutes might not be really enough, hence I suppose no feedback is given, or there might be some other reasons that are unknown to me.