My item is rejected, i need feedback. Any critics are welcome.

Thank you ^^. I aggre most of them. But whenever i boost highs anything to give a character i always find it so grainy. Any idea why this is happens?

Only 2 or 3 elements max should be bright in a mix or it will sound noisy/grainy. But you need a bit of definition with other instruments too. Maybe it sounds grainy because you have cut too much low end. I would start by adding more bass and sub to the kick and bass instrument (if you have a bass instrument)? The two need to peak at different places. I personnally start by eq the bass instruments. It’s too easy too cut too much low end on everything and at the end, have a thin, harsh and grainy mix. You need an instrument in the sub, one in the bass, low mid, mid, hi mid and treble but don’t eq anything too narrow cause it will sound thin, harsh and lack warm\power (a bit telephone like). Don’t use extreme low cut because you still need to feel the low vibrations with your body even if you don’t hear it. Do you use a spectrum analyzer (if not try SPAN Plus) but use your ears first.

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