My item is rejected, i need feedback. Any critics are welcome.

Hello friends, i cannot see any reason why this item is rejected. Help please!

burada yardım istediğin kişilerinde gönderileri reddediliyor : ) boşver, giden gitti dostum konuşmak boş… benimde 2 günde 4 tane track çöpe gitti…

gitti de neyi kötü şarkının onu anlamak istiyorum şarkıyı kurtarmak değil derdim : ).

ya zaten kurtaramazsında, şarkının da kötü bir tarafı yok aslında. tamamen hakemin o an ki ruh haline zevkine kalmış bir durum dostum ben çözdüm olayı bir sürü farklı deneyler yaparak : ) kalite standartı adı altında çerez gibi yiyorlar işte olay bu. kime göre neye göre bu standart. burada eledikleri parçaları diğer kütüphanelerde çatır çatır satıyorum, hadi buyur buradan yak. spektral analizleri kötüyse parçanın amenna lakin onun çokta önemli olmadığını gördüm.

I think they thought the track just wouldn’t be for sale. the quality is good! do not be sad about this, just write a new track

thank you for your kind reply ^^. but i really wanna know why this track cant be fit any commercial.

I personally see this song in commercials, cheaper text ads, festivals, promotions and so on.

Sonically, it does not sound as massive as professional songs from this genre. The main theme is a bit monotonous (to 0:40 you could add some melodies variations, maybe some break).

In addition, there are problems with dynamics, the buildup seems more powerful than the drop.

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thx for help. first 1:20 is short version, than the main version. main version starts with buildup. do you mean this is more powerful than 1:58(drop)? and why?

secondly, why this track doesnt sounds massive to you? any specific problems caught to your ear?

no offense, i am very thanksful to help, i wanna improve my work. : )

I will answer you in about 10 hours, now I do not have time unfortunately :pensive:

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Hey, I’m sorry I wrote a little later :wink:

I will focus on the full version from 1:20.

I will not analyze this “in depth” because your song is private and I can not download it.

Intro is very nice, although when it comes to the length of the average intros in this genre (on audiojungle) it last within 10 seconds, yours is 30s.

During the intro (buildup) there are no melodic variations, no sweeps, no background swooshes, maybe variations of the melody.
If you shorten intro to the 10 seconds standard, I think you would not have any problems with it.

As for the main theme, it is ok.
I would open up the song and get rid of the frequency around 500hz (to soften the operation of the filters).

The biggest problem is drop, because as I mentioned before it loses power and pace compared to the buildup.

2:30 lead is very nice to diversify the song, additionally added snare is also in place. As for the drums there is nothing to cling to (although the kick is not very bassy, it has little power, maybe it is worth to layer with some stronger kick), maybe you could add some hihats for the pace.

Although in 3:15 you have already added tambourine, it seems to me that it’s a bit too late, taking into account how few elements have the main drop immediately after the buildup (that is, the fragment which the buyer will hear first).

Also such a known trick, which I think you did not use during climax, use sidechain on whitenoise

(example song that uses it

  • The problem is that during the buildup all the noise effects grows very much, and the whole drop sounds terribly stiff and little “richly” sonically (you fill the spectrum during the drop less than during the buildup) Downsweep whitenoise descends after the buildup without leaving anything for drop.

Volume differences between sections are not everything

The rest of the elements and arrangement is good, for variety I would do a hard cut at the entrance to the drop at 3:15.

Personally (not wanting to offend you) how I listened to this song is the first thought that comes to my mind, these cheap ads with typography (i think you can call it so haha :joy:) and background pictures of the type of advertising festivals, climbing parks, etc. So I think that the work has commercial potential, but it lacks production quality.

If I did not mention something, ask me.

Hi, thank you very much for taking your time ^^

I understand what you saying now, but i actually wanted to drop exactly like this.

For expamle: 0:45 1:55

Actually there are so many fx on background and they are sidechained to kick

Track feels so repetitive melodic vise i think this is the main issue same melody repating over and over again and not going to somewhere its not feel like complete.

Also my mixing is terrible yes, i know it i always trying to add so much elements on every 8 bar but almost never chaning/ removing. Maybe this has to be changed?

Let me know if i understood wrong;

Next time i make edm track for envato market:

  1. Drop be like drop, huge, massive.

  2. Keep intro short

  3. Less repetitive elements more instruments in and out

  4. Simpler fx, background, pads (really so much going on in this track maybe that sounds like a mass)

I uploaded wav version without watermark and wav quality and given permission to download.

If you have more time please analize in depth ^^. This was very helpful to me, thank you :slight_smile:

Sure, will write for a moment


I have noticed that during the drop some counter-melody is missing what would accentuate the rhythm (accents) of the song, something that would attract even more attention, did not introduce monotony.

As for sidechain, I linked in a hurry the video which is not in the end consistent with what I wanted to say. I was more concerned about the layering of drum components with white noise

In addition, what I noticed, the song seems to have a lot of reverb with different characteristics (probably factory reverbs inside synthesizers) the overall amount of reverb in track is in my opinion ok.

It is worth using 2-3 buses with reverbs with constant characteristics during the mix (1 for gluing, the second “plate type” for bring forward elements in the mix and 3 tail for creating " long tails").

***Regarding detailed analysis:***

Spectrum of this song agrees with the curve standard. Although if the average frequency (Low Mid 300-1500Hz) is close to the limit, it is worth lowering these frequencies (to be honest it is almost always worth lowering this band to open the mix and get rid of muddiness). You have a bass that is over-compressed so that the kick does not “pump”.

In addition, you have a very strange aggressive cut in the band of 150hz (near the fundamental frequencies for the kick).

The RX 6 De-reverb shows that it would be worth reducing the overall master of the reverb by about 3db.

I have no objections to the stereo picture, the track is also mono compatible.

The song is over-compressed, PLR (Peak to Loudness Ratio) values ​​of a healthy mix should oscillate within limits (8 - 15, my gold means is the value of 11)
It’s actually under 7. The track is flat.

I quickly rearranged your song by changing the first drop:


Thank you so much, this help is huge. I will study what you say over and over again till i’m comfortable with doing everthing you said right : ).

One last question, any vst plugins other than izotope ones to check master if everything is ok?

Tonal Balance Control from Izotope (it’s from izotope but its really all you need)
Nugen Audio’s Master Check - for dynamics check
Dynameter - also for dynamics check
RX Audio Editor from Izotope (all in one but its harder to integrate vst versions into your daw)
Voxengo SPAN - for spectral issues (FREE)

Basically every DAW has a built-in spectrum and phase correlation meter so you just need something to check dynamics and LUFS volume.

I highly recommend the izotope, you will not find anything better on the market

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also it’s best for audiojungle standards to target this values:

LUFS: ( FROM -7 TO -14)
PLR: ( FROM 8 TO 12)
LRA (FROM 10 TO 16)
CEILING: 0.3dB (in the case of your song, it seems to me that you have used more or you have slightly lowered the volume for export to eliminate clipping)

As you probably have already noticed, songs on audiojungle (top sellers) like to have high frequency + frequencies around 15KhZ(air+) and up, boosted. By raising these frequencies you will open more mix and expand the stereo image. For example most songs, for example from the Cinematic genre, have a reduced average mid frequencies, and highly boosted highs.

You are the best! :raised_hands:

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Some streaming sites like youtube or spotofy would normalize the audio loudness by - 14 Lufs. If that is the AJ loudness standards you said, Really though?. - 9 lufs is okay but it is - 7 lufs.

I have an entire catalog of various pieces from audiojungle, with the best-selling ones you can easily find songs with loudnesses around -7 lufs, with over 80k of clipping samples.

-14 lufs volume on audiojungle have practically only ambient track, soundscapes or some really “dynamic” cinematic tracks.

I did not invent these values. This is how it looks on audiojungle

The piano sounds robotic a bit (not enough dynamics, too quantized, samples repetitions).

About the mix, many of your sounds don’t have enough definition (lack of hi mid and treble). Your higher synth could peak more higher in the hi mid (you have a lot of things fighting each other in the mid). Your kick is not enough powerful (lack of sub) and anyway I think, it’s not the right kick (sounds outdated to me). Your main synth pattern is too loud (it crush a bit the mix). Overall it needs to sound more open and less dry. Put some elements more in the back with more reverb (pad, piano…). Use more saturation (particularly on percussion) if you want to make your master that loud without it sounds flat (over compressed) and remember if an element is definitely too loud in your mix compared to others it will be problematic with the brickwall limiting at the end. Only my opinion. I hope it helps. :slight_smile: