My item is rejected, I don't know the reason

My item has been rejected several times. There are some items which were rejected, they can still be uploaded after uploaded again. But I don’t know why my item was REMOVED because I didn’t give any reason from Themeforest. Please give me details about what’s wrong in my item?
Here is my demo link:

Your design looks very, very outdated, like something from ten years ago. You seriously need to “update” your design skills to compete in this marketplace.

Also, your profile is marked as an exclusive author, but you are selling same templates here and on your own site. You can’t do that as an exclusive author. Unless you have some special deal with Envato.


Hi @joomlashine
I think you need to improve your design. Outdated design
You need to update the trend design

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Thank you for your response. But I don’t know that is the right reason or not, because before, I’ve updated a new item of us, but it still rejected (link demo:

The main reason is design, you need a profesional designer that knows how themeforest work, this is the best marketplace in the world and the requirements are very high, I am afraid you are far from the design required on themeforest.

Don’t give up do some research see what is approved and compared to your theme you will understand what I mean.

All the best !