my Item is reject for qulity issue

I was building my item using ReactJS and NodeJS, but they raised a quality issue and were rejected. What can I do now? . Check my tools at and give me advice.can I submit agian this project after edit ?? I am worried. thanks @ki-themes @KingDog

General design is good even though there’re few design issues but the main idea probably why it’s rejected, it looks same as the rest of the AI templates and if you’re not going to offer anything special, I believe, Envato is drawing the line for AI projects and they are being extremely selective.

What can i do now ? I spend my … give me advice

My question: If I customize and add features, can I resubmit this item?

As it’s hard rejected, you need to add “more” features and update the item a lot to be able to submit it again. If it’s just “polishing” the item, it’s not suggested.

Underlying reason is something different, if it’s related to the coding, you’d get “soft” rejection and you would be asked to fix the problems.

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Codecanyon is hurting its own business by rejecting this type of items. Soon people will start to switch the platform or authors will stop developing new items. Why dont they just accept good products regardless of how many similar products exists in the marketplace. People can choose what is better for them.

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Many reasons….

  • marketplace would become bloated

  • in turn would create more confusion for buyers and actually make it less likely that they will find the right items

  • inevitably quality would drop

  • earning potential for authors would reduce which would drive (especially the better ones) elsewhere

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