My item is hard rejected Can somebody/anybody help me?

My item is hard rejected. Now what I'm doing.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NOT MET: Your item does not meet the minimum technical design requirements for this category.

Can somebody/anybody help me? What the problem in this template

It’s HTML Template. Hare is the URL

Maybe your w3c is wrong and I think that your problem margin for photos on portfolio, regards.

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Thanks for your reply.
I am check w3c Html validator but don’t show wrong

Portfolio photos margin I check and changed it

Now yes but you can wait other author can help you because they know more that I and I never sell my themes themeforest, luck :slight_smile:

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Thank’s again for your replay

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Overall design is missing premium look. You also need to work on typography,animations,contrasts and check latest approved templates to get more clear idea.


@abdulkhalikcse see you @wpcohort he know more that I :slight_smile:

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Ok I improve typography. But I check another approved template I don’t understand what are missing in my template and what are problem animations please explain me