My item HTML rejected

hi everyone

i tried to submit 5-6 items, but all hard rejected, author with many years of experience can help me, why my topic is always hard rejected.

This is very important to me, please help me.

demo Find Trip - Travel tour booking adventure agency


@charlie4282 @LSVRthemes @ki-themes, @mgscoder

Joemo has out-dated design. Lewis is too way simple.
Jason looks okay but there’re similar items already and you’re not offering anything new to the marketplace.

Findtrip, has few good design ideas but there’re too many similar items/similar approach


Is that the last reason, can someone help me.


can anyone help me.

should i continue with envato themes html

There’s not much things to offer as “help” as to fix the problems, it will require some time for the design and this is another work. How good are you at jQuery / PHP by the way? I’m looking for partners to add some items on my own but I may need some help.

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that all

I can use functions, write new functions wpdb, use hooks, integrate ocdi, tgm … to themes.