My item held for further review after 14 days of submission

Hello dear friends

After being in the queue for 14 days the item’s state now is held for further review… What shall I do now? Any kind of similar experience? How long will they take? How do I know what’s going on in backstage? please please help me


You should not do anything just keep patience. Hope they will finish review soon and you will get notification email about the review result. Normally Held items: takes some more time to get review.



Thanks fort he reply… It’s a regular presentation template and it goes well with design principles and a unique theme and I don’t understand what they have in it to hold for another member… and I have plenty of such items in my list… That’s where I’m a bit worried friend

I don’t know more about the behind scene of ‘Held Item’. But don’t worry if your item will meet quality standard then will get approval or soft reject otherwise hard reject.

Don’t worry! maybe reviewer team is little busy and you are getting late to get your item review.

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