My item held for further review a long time!

Hello! I don’t know where else I can turn for help. The help center writes that everything is ok, but nothing is ok ((( My item has been under review for 26 days. It seems to me that it exceeds all the permissible dates. Can someone give me support and help in solving this problem. :cry:

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That is quite a long time, far more than any time that I’ve heard before. I don’t think there’s anything the forum can do, besides say just keep waiting. What is it that you submitted?

My new mock-ups “Respirator Face Mask”. Everything is done there efficiently and professionally. And I do not understand why it takes so long to check.

hi buddy , what do u mean that they sent u a message to tell u that there would be additional review? or this is that u have been waiting for this long ever since u posted?