My item has been rejected with no explanations though I followed all recommendations

Dear Authors,

I uploaded my own crafted email template for the first time and received a Hard Rejected(1) email without explanation. Before the submission, I read all the recommendations to make sure all requirements are met.

I would appreciate your further advice…

Below is the email I received.

please add you link demo preview, because we can help you thank you.

Hi, thank you :slight_smile:
Here it is Stripo Demo — Html Email Template Builder

I think that your error spacing, typography, logo not add name company, I am not sure that error colors… you need improvements good quality for themeforest approved it but your design not is good quality.

Thank you.

I’m unsure that the reason is in the item (in the template we’re publishing). It contains good-quality assets (images). I did not get the point about the logo, could you please clarify?