My item has been rejected! (Velocity Realtor )Help me please?

Hello everyone i need feedback on my html item it got rejected and i havent recieved any reasons to be updated… hope i will get help from community
link :

I am sorry you go this reject, I know how it feels :slight_smile:

Your theme looks good but there are things that are not in place.

My advice is to careful look at the latest approved theme at text spacing, typography, overall style and try to adapt to the new trends, I don’t think someone will tell you change this or that you just have to improve and this is a personal skill…

Good luck with your next submiton.

I just checked your design. I think your design must be unique. And the quality must be in accordance with the design that has just been received recently. Because the themeforest standard will always increase.

Good luck with the next upload :slight_smile: