My Item has been rejected please advise me

Hey there,
My item has been rejected and review told me this item design looks, behaves , states is a rather generic manner.

This is my Item:

Please help me , whats wrong with this html design .


Reviewer is right. It looks very generic and outdated. There are heaps of much better looking ecommerce templates on Envato already.

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Actually this item is for codecanyon. And yes i already study about ecommerce template and maximum template is simple & minimal design, And i also try to make design minimal & simple. I think it was .But now i again study more & more and try to make better looking ecommerce .


Hello Need advise for Main Home Page. Is Home page is generic and outdated ?


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Hello SmartSoftSolutions

I think the design looks fine, but yes it could be termed generic. Have you had success with previous items, or is this your first item on Envato? I personally like simplistic and clear, clean designs that are not too busy or filled with sliders and god knows what else which slows down a website loading speed. Hope you can find a way forward. Good luck!

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This looks like it belongs more on themeforest.

If it is just meant to be about the e-commerce side of it then that is closed by it feeling like a more compete (although basic and lacking in styling etc) website/theme

If it is more about the commerce side then it would be worth creating a demo of the admin which would distinguish it more

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Yes , Its my first item on envato. Now i study more and try to make more simple & minimal design.

Demo means make video ?

Possibly or better still create a test environment where users can access, experience and explore it first hand

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Hi guys :slight_smile:
I think the problem is not what was described above. The main problem is that the theme is a copy of Porto theme. You can see it on the link


It’s too generic, just like a prototype or starter project. I think you need to redesign and makeover. But the current one is good to share for free as marketing promotion later.

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no! just footer is similar and also color . But in same color i found another themeforest template (Lotus)
Not copy from others site.