My item has been rejected! Help me please?

Here preview of my [item
What do you guys think? Why this item was rejected?

Video on your link is not available

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im sorry here it

Are you sure that the set of your filters differs from the similar sets on Envato? I think there is nothing new in this set.
The second problem is the presentation. You used several different fonts that do not fit well together. In addition, all these fonts are bad and outdated. The line that opens the layer with color grading terribly twitches and strobes.

thank you to reply
yeah men iā€™m sure this set differs then from the similar sets
look i try to edit any thing and fonts . do you think is that it will accepted

  1. I see no difference between your color effects and the color effects of other authors. In general, they are similar.
  2. Presentation is still very far from attractive. All the same ugly fonts