My item has been rejected due to "quality standards"

I created an item in the .NET section of ThemeForest. The code was a DLL (with source code) that creates barcodes supporting many symbologies and QR codes which include payloads and logos.

My item was rejected due to quality standards. So what was wrong with my item in specific?

Thank you.

I think that it maybe codecanyon but not themeforest because…

  • Themeforest Only designs web (psd, html, wordpress, etc).

  • Codecanyon Programmer, sell for code (html, css, php, mysql, net, etc)

do you understand me?

please upload your link preview .net because maybe we can help you.

thank you so much.


That’s right I am sorry, it is indeed Codecanyon.

I am not sure which link you’re referring to.

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Your link was hard rejected themeforest.

Where can I find it? I can’t find a link to my hard rejected product.

you don’t make a code .net live preview?

It’s a source code for a DLL file. There’s no live preview.

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if you don’t make link preview online will hard rejected in codecanyon because buyer need try your .net if like or not.

I am not sure what sort of preview you expect out of a DLL. I screenshot some code. That’s all