My item has been rejected but don't know why!

Hey there!
I’ve uploaded a signup and login form page to CodeCanyon but it has been rejected and I can’t really know the reason.
Is it in the wrong category or something like that ?
I uploaded the project to JavaScript Forms category.
here’s the live demo url:
I hope someone give feedback for this page if it doesn’t meet CodeCanyon quality requirements.
Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s probably too basic for CC.

There’s a lot of form builders available where people can easily construct all sorts of different forms and fields as they want and those which are not dynamic tend to offer multiple variations, other fields, check boxes, upload functions and so on.

While yours is ok (typographic hierarchy could be better), I am no convinced it has enough on offer to warrant premium value or why someone would choose it over the versatile alternatives on CC

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Oh! Thank you so much for the detailed information :slight_smile: .
Now I understood the problem I’ve got, Thanks again

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