My item has been rejected 3 to 4 times please help me.

hi this is too simple. in a general way, there is basically close to no graphic design at all in what u have here … there is a big misbalance between the central axis and the sideways that are pretty empty. The texts are in many cases not placed properly. especially the club name that is cornered in the top left corner and not being outstanding enough …, and about branding , this is really appropriate. The slanted central title is not popping out enough , is not bringing any font combo to the table , is not imbricating properly with the rest and in the end made u u get into trouble when it comes organizing elements rather than any other thing indeed. he spacing in the foote is not ok and the typo globally speaking definitely need a whole lot more work to reach high standards from GR the association of the fonts u used is not working either by the way , variations are lacking an this is hard to identify the hierarchy and thus the hierarchy looks down … there is a big issue of contrast with the side icon bar and contrast is a big issue as a basic design principle. finally the alignment is strange and seems to be done a bit randomly , u have texts flagged in the left and in the center