My item has been hard rejected?

My work was rejected and I cannot send it back, was it really worth rejecting?
Note: Template HTML

In my opinion, it’s visually pretty good, though perhaps slightly outdated in colours and style.

Overall I’d say the main reason for the rejection is that it’s just another basic corporate style web template, there are WAY too many of these already. Perhaps at one time this would have been accepted, but now that the marketplace is flooded with these sort of things you need to try thinking more outside the box and get a bit more creative with it.

Some specifics about this template.

I would refrain from putting hover animations on things that aren’t clickable. Most people have been “trained” by now that if it moves when the mouse hovers over it, then it can be clicked. Animations should also be a bit more snappy, it feels too fake when something animates slowly. Most of the time you should keep hover animations under half a second. With that being said, not everything needs an animation.

A small nitpick is that the “L” in “LASTA” at the bottom is nearly impossible to see on the dark blue/gray background.


Thank you