My item got soft reject but after changes i notice i got another review by Envato Team

My item got soft reject but after changes i notice i got another review by Envato Team ,there is no item in hidden item how should i resubmit the changed Thanks

out of interest what was the another review result. what was your email subject (hard or soft reject)?

Soft Reject they said me to do changes but how should i resubmit the changes there is no hidden item

I am interested to know about another review! (last review) result. so that I can try to assist you.

  1. Don’t add css or min to handles, this makes them custom:

I got the first point i but confused about last two please help me

  1. Variables do not need translating:

  2. STILL. Escape everything:

I got the link issue its in email but i need to understand the last two points how should i correct them please guide me

Hidden Item is now visible to me but please guide me for last two point so that i should not repeat same mistake again before resubmiting

I am really confused what you mean by ( i notice i got another review by Envato Team) how you notice and what was the email subject?

now your soft reject issues:
2. $author_name are Variable and should not translate because author will not change based on language.
3. if $author_image you have placed in any attribute in a tag or something area you should to escape. you should to escape html before render.


so what i apply like this Snippet


Actually they have said to cover all echos to ecape so iam getting confused which part to be escaped or which not do simple text like $author_name need to be escape as well please help me

I have three variables that contain only text like testimonials author name and author position do i have to escape them please help me

yes you can escape but you should not translate. reviewer focused on not to translate the variables.