My Item Got Hard Rejection

Since my previous work was hard rejected every time I update and submit. I tried something different and tried to make my item as premium as possible. However, It has been hard rejected again. Here is the demo:
This is my Chat App Template made with React and Bootstrap.
I have put a lot of efforts to meet the guidelines. I have been working on this project for one month and was confident that it would be approved. We really need some help from the professionals of this community. Thank You :slight_smile:

It looks good to me I am not sure why it was hard rejected…

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Hi @FWDesign Thank you for your response.
I really need some suggestion from you guys. Could you help me figuring out where am I lagging? My project is well coded and simple. Is there something I really need to include in my files to get approval? What am I missing?

Beats me it looks good to me.

One thig that I noticed when trying to send a message it does not work with the enter key, only by clicking the send button, off course this is not the reason for rejection…

Maybe some other author can help you…

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Is there someone I could reach?

Unfortunately no.

When an item is hard rejected only here on the forum.

You can try to write to support and ask them why they are hard rejected maybe they will answer.

They won’t answer why something was rejected. This is ridiculous. The person reviewing the item, probably just clicks reject or accept and moves on. Why not have more options for them. It seems random when they accept items and when they reject them. They need to fix it. It takes valuable time away from the author.


You are absolutely right. The reviewer just click approve or reject button.

I am still open to waiting for the professional’s suggestion :slight_smile: Thank You.

Look really nice for me

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Try to sell it in different marketplaces. Or… create a new account here from another country, and see if it will be rejected.
All my products were hard rejected. And I already bought some products here of really low quality.
No sense.
Your chat is nice.

Hello @turupsangroula

I think that your design is good but need more pages (like multipurpose) for reviewers interesting earning sales, it’s my opinion, for example template “Avada” in wordpress themeforest already have multipurpose for good sales, thank you.