My item got Hard Rejection. Please help me.

This is my first item:

It was rejected, the reason is the item does not provide the necessary design quality for this category.

I will be limitlessly thankful for every review and comment.

hey, I think you need to have a look at the themes currently in the market, particularly the best sellers and trending ones. I had a look at yours; here are a few things you can improve right off the bat. Not sure about the code, but all in all, the design has to be much better - has to be detailed, has to have excellent typography (most people ignore this), more elements/sections in the design, grid loading, hover and css effects etc. The site looks too basic - that’s the thing. Hire a designer - he’ll do the needful :slight_smile: . Good luck.

I’m not a web designer so take this in consideration
I think the colors are not the best choice and perhaps are to many themes like this on the market already. Try to find something new on design, this one page scroll down thing has already supra-saturated the market.

Thank you for respond!