My Item Got Hard Rejected

I created a plugin called “TikTok Video & Audio Downloader for WordPress”. First my team member design the PSD and then convert to HTML and i used that design in my plugin. I mean All of our own Idea and work.

My code is according to CodeCanyone guidelines as i already approved one plugin.

This was first reject 1 week ago and i redesign every thing and add more settings in plugin and remove bugs from code.

After rejected first time i see how other people code by purchasing their script and shocked how they code and get approved.

The plugin Approved code on CodeCanyone

As you can see no prefix using no ajax and got approved. Please note i am degrading anyone just want to what is the criteria of review process
Here is the screenshot of rejected plugin code

Hello there,
There are different reasons you can get a script Hard Rejected.
Maybe there are many similar plugins or there is still some work to do.

Also, the script you bought is probably from the past years, when scripts were probably more needed than now or it was just a simple mistake by the approve team. What I suggest you is to add some more new features or improve in a creative way your plugin.

I sell Apps, and this also happen to me sometimes.
Good luck with the plugin.

Hi thanks for reply,
1- This is not old plugin when they approved plugin at the same time mine rejected/
2- You are right their plugin and mine have same features but i code it better.
I am working on new feature now, may be they accept this time.

This is just a thought, but maybee, they saw you own this item and have copied it, and said we don’t want to support that. But this is just a wild guess, don’t take it personally. :slight_smile:

One more thing, prefix in a class?? (that’s not required or can be a conflict ever)… Mentioning this as your “advantage” makes you look even worse.

first of all i did’not bought it from my account. and i made plugin at the same time other did, and my code is completely different than i bought, i fetch data via json and rejected and the other one they scrape via css classes.

2- I already approved the plugin which uses prefix, I am using two prefix in order to avoid confiliction whereas other uses only word titok which is common and conflict with others