My item got hard rejected without any reason !!!!


I’m on Codecanyon for 3 years’s already uploaded 3 items before

My new project gets hard rejected even the project has a lot of unique features, the project support multiple languages(25) + RTL. and payment also a search engine and storage cloud-like s3 or GCS and multiple endpoints. everything is scheduled and queued I create a full mail campaign system for newsletter/subscribers/ or any actions… topics (not only one !!) with schedule and a lot of features that most product on the marketplace does not have

We made it easy and optional to use everything like database or Algoila, SEO generated dynamic or custom, and more…

Image optimized
Schedule backup to cloud or storage…
API resources
Support Meilisearch and Algoila
Support auto social publish
Support payment method and custom plan features
Resize on the fly is already done and is optional
Unique Laravel package developed for the project
Block editor developed lib and customized

So I don’t understand why this was rejected?

Everything is dynamic on the home page or pages any components you can change from the admin panel

I checked many projects approved and when I compared the quality I found rejection of my project is not normal

The lighthouse score is without Redis cache


and check the user features
For payments subscriptions, you can use Stripe Test Cards


Password: password

Note: I can’t see the description HTML so it’s will be updated if there is anything need to update.

All images by

All text is fake some content is free

Please give me reasons.

No reply yet.

We really do not understand the new standard of reviewers. I can mention here more than 4-5 items approved last month with 0 quality and design

Please I need really reasons, My level is near to 6. is there a problem with my account?

@ki-themes @mgscoder


Sorry for bothering you, Please can you check the item if there is anything I need to update? because the system has more unique features for content management and the UI is not classic like most approved items.

The design is not really good, out-dated and it lacks. On the other side, for this kind of projects ( news / blog ) it’d be better idea to use WordPress as it’d be easier to secure the system along with updates. I haven’t checked the coding and the features you’re offering but it’s good idea that to create a WordPress plugin instead if you’re offering an unique feature on your website.

Sorry but with this design, you won’t get an approval.

The design was inspired by NY Times and Washingtonpost. The UX is more important for news websites for reading not adding more animation or colors. so I should re-design to black and old-classic template with bootstrap 4 like many projects approved last 2 months? I can mention more than 4-5. if you read more than 10 minutes you will get a headache

I was working on a big news agency as a full-stack developer and I know the WordPress issues are more than using Framework because it does not give some integration solutions we have the plan to add AWS MediaConvert and Encoding on multiple servers or self.

1- We already have a mobile app built on this project and it’s will be delivered on 1-month
2- We use BBC tools for wave podcasts and many tools for optimizing images
3- MeiliSearch/Algolia easy switch for search
4- S3 and Google cloud storage
5- Multiple end-points mean multiple CF or bucket
6- Sendgrid and mail-campaign newsletter scheduling and queued with trigger and automation to create multiple newsletter topics or for users/register/subscribers…
7- We create easy components structures to customize it or create new components on 4 steps only
8- JSON + HTML for Block Editor also custom Embed for our podcast

How to do this with WordPress? thousand of plugins and this is not a security issue?

Next month release
2- Encoding videos
3- Complex permissions
4- Asana Integration
That should be on WordPress? How?

We think about mobile app features that should be compatible with management… and we will release soon, how we will do comments sections, payments, and more with WordPress?

Really I don’t know what I say.

We will try to re-clean the code more and add more sections

Thank you.


All components you see on the home page or pages is dynamic is 7 components layouts and on documentation, we explained to add more

So the layouts are not issues with-time we can develop more than 30 layouts and you put what you like :blush:

Like >

is not static everything you can change it from admin-panel and most layout you see is similar to some big news website layouts.

Hello @charlie4282

What do you think is a problem with layouts components design? because there is a lot of features than many items approved this year and is optional to use it and can’t do it easily with WordPress

About performance, I don’t think is the problem.

Do you think we need to add more features ? or re-clean the back-end code or maybe structure?

Sorry for the mention just want to know more.

Please read my reply to KI-Theme

Personally I think the design could be improved - but even if you did, I just don’t think this is suitable for a stock marketplace.

Credit where it’s due - there’s obviously a lot of features and functionality but the item is more about flexibility and scope, and less about the aesthetics and practicality which suit stock buyers.

I get that all the modules can alter the layout but the value is more about the scalability than the design which would suit a huge publisher with a ton of daily content.

No (responsible) publisher of that size and activity is going to be shopping for a stock solution.

Even if approved I think you would struggle to generate any significant sales - there is just too much of a % of buyers who would never need or use a lot of what you have built in, and in honesty probably a sizeable number who don’t even know what some of it means or why it is an impressive feature.

Thank you for reply

You mean to do more solutions for customers that seek for the good stable project with good performance is not good for a marketplace like using Sendgrid/MailChimp instead SMTP or schedule by details multiple newsletter topics than one and auto publisher than copy-paste, multiple-process, multiple clouds, payments with limited sessions, secure backups to the cloud, compatible with src-size if using resize-on-fly is fit for the marketplace? and most features are optional like if they don’t want to use Algolia or Meilisearch they can use simple search, if they don’t want to use GCS/S3 they can use local storage.

I also explained to create new layouts components (already we have 7 dynamic and 2 static ). also is optional to make 4 layouts on the homepage or 20

Because I found many scripts approved are outdated not (100% dynamic) and low-quality even lighthouse score not more than 70% (slow to load) or the UX concept for news project is not good and is approved this year?

also is not flexible most of it uses the same block-editor without thinking about futures developed for apps like JSON type and build Lib depends on tags structure and no API resource…
how they handle images-size, they created multiple image sizes without optimization that impacts storage data (!)


All these are issues are not good for customers !! but I see many projects are approved here.

where is the scalability/flexibility?

Does your suggestion to add more features?
Update the design?
Re-clean the code more?
or I create basic features and re-uploaded them?

But as for CodeCanyon, relative to PHP scripts shouldn’t these be sold only as the code itself? But why are Envato reviewers rejecting items due to their aspect, rather than their functions?
Of course i understand that a design and a good looking item can be easilly sold, but for this market, i think the code is more important than aspect.
But these are just my thoughts…

Best regards.

I have a lot to say but it won’t help.