My Item Got Hard Rejected Again :(

My previous submission was a Chat App Template developed using React. After it was hard rejected for the first time, I worked a lot to improve my template. I worked on every little detail that a chat app should have. Furthermore, I have included RTL support so that my template would be more accessible world wide. Unfortunately, I was left in the dark without knowing what to do next by getting a HARD REJECT!!! Again… Could anyone provide me any idea what things I may have been missing.
here is the demo: ChatsApp

Color contrast could be an issue. please check our template’s color contrast and others accessibilities issues

Presumably you had all the right documentation etc when submitting?

The menu at the bottom has a transparent background when scrolling on a phone which makes the icons hard to see with the text behind it

The demo is nice but you could do more with it by having a landing page with more info and showcasing features etc then linking to the chat rather than just landing straight into it


You need a landing page explaining what this doese.

Hi @charlie4282 You think this template would got approval after fixing those issues? I would fix it right away.

I have proper documentation for user guide and right preview images for submission as well