My Item got Hard Reject but why worked hard on it

My Item got Hard Reject but why worked hard on it01_Preview

Hard to tell from these images - what’s the demo link?

we havent hosted yet just uploaded with screen shot

You have to provide a live URL when you upload an item so the reviewer will even take a look at it.

this means if i hosted it, Will they give me a change to accept my item i think url option is optional not a required one

It is definitely required.

All submissions need to be ORGINAL work.

Stealing other items and author’s files is not only utterly disrespectful but also a complete waste of yours, the reviewer’s and other author’s time, and will only end up with your account being banned

can we not use other item partial work and how to check its pirated or not like if i have created taking in consideration of work of someone who’s work is already accepted like copying his style how can i know this is steeling or is part of inspiration from some one other work is there any tool from i can know this is not allowed

Please let me know a tools so before uploading i ready can understand whether this is steel or its acceptable i need to know this before submitting i definitely not want to steel work . I just want to copy style how his work made to acceptabilty

Of course, you can’t use other peoples’ work!

I am not going to share how the review process would check for people ripping other items for obvious reasons.

If you don’t have a permission from the original author of the design, or you are not an original author of the design yourself, you can’t use it. You do not need any tool for that, just a common sense and some honesty.


Thanks bro u made my day, I will take care next time

Take care to not get caught? BTW, we are not your bros.

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