My item, Elena Personal Portfolio, has been rejected

I had upload a new Personal Portfolio Template, but is has been rejected and I have no idea about the reason. Can someone please have a look my demo preview and explain the reason to get rejected my template and any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

I think that your item Is too basic to getting approved on themeforest, I think that you need very huge design improvements, and maybe adding also some inner Pages. Keep working on It.

Hello @agayanthika

Your design is too basic but not premium sorry, you need practice more for approved themeforest, regards.

Hello, @agayanthika

There are several reasons to get rejected by the themeforest reviewer. Design is one of them. We’ve visited you link given above. The design is too outdated as well basic. The more creative design you’ve there are more chances to get approved.

Second and most important thing is to get approved is not everything. If you get approved and the design is not as per the current market trends, you’ll have loss of your time.