My item decided somebody help to understand!

Hello everybody! Please help me understand how far my item is from acceptance!

Got a rejection letter today. I received a letter of refusal today. It is advised to contact the forum.

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Top of the world 2022” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Here is the feedback from our review team:

Thank you very much for your submission. After much consideration it has been decided that this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately.

We appreciate the effort and time you’ve put into creating your item. And we’d be happy to help make sure your next entry will meet our submission requirements. Here’s our advice:

Visit our forums and ask fellow authors for feedback. Our helpful community will be glad to lend a hand.

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Your track is not bad in my opinion, but (there must always be “but”):

  • you’re using that stretched 8-bar pattern and it’s chord progression for the whole song, again and again. This is too little for a song with 3:34 length
  • you reapeat the part from 00:00 to 00:23 without any changes or additions. That’s too long and get boring a bit.
  • the break and drum roll at 00:46 sounds a bit weird and dull
  • the long 2-bar brass notes (trumpets?) sounding uninspired. Try to compose a more rythmic line for the trumpets.
  • I missed a kick and a snare or claps
  • be careful for overused toms
  • your chosen sounds are partly middle-class
  • you have a problem in the mix. There is no pressure. The bass is too quiet. The overall mix sounds thin and dull.
  • Shorten the song down to 2:30 or 2 minutes.

How far from acceptance? I don’t know.
But maybe you’ll get some other opinions here.

Probably you are right, but why didn’t they accept this topic then?

Sounds much better, but (there must always be a “but”):

I think, that they think, that it will not sell. You can compose here the most complicated piece of music, full of creativity and unusual sounds. But if the reviewer cannot imagine, that your work has the potential to support a product (like a video), then he comes to the conclusion, that your song will not sell here. And you catch a rejection.
Your second song is good, but I have my doubts, that it will fit in the AJ portfolio.

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You’re probably right. Well what about this tune Stream Deep In Sky by Sergey Dolgenko | Listen online for free on SoundCloud it was made for me by a professional in the studio. She was accepted for audio jungle. Although difficult enough

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@littlefilm Ok. Now i am confused. You solved your own post?

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@Iittlefilm I don’t know the intention, why you are presenting now track by track. You wanted possible reasons for the rejection on the first track, I wrote you my opinion. Why should I review now a track, which was not produced by you?

I just want to understand which way to move? ideas or sound quality?

I posted these tracks in order to understand what’s the matter. Why not accept the first one.
You said that the first topic sounds too simple and boring. I posted the second one which sounds more interesting, but it was also rejected. and the third, which was even more difficult to accept, probably it was not the idea but the quality of the sound. You said about the bass, do you have any more tips for sound quality?

I compare my item (which is under the topic of the post) with items on audio jungle and I understand that it seems to be no worse. So what’s the problem? That’s what I want to understand.

change the drum groove maybe, with a more commercial sound and a kick drum groove.
As it was said previously:

But that’s just my opinion.
have a good day.

This is the problem. Assume some humility and accept your track is -not- as good as other tracks. Only then you can learn. Also try to appreciate the fact that other authors here invest time to listen to your music and give detailed feedback. Just posting more and more tracks doesn’t come across as very appreciative.

yes, you are right, I agree that my track is not as good as the ones on sale. I’m sorry, maybe my words seemed too selfish. this is because English is not my first language. Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to sound rude. I just want to understand what’s the matter. They gave me a couple of tips, I will try. Thanks!

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can you please also give a recommendation for my track?

I think @Daydreamz-Studios tips are very good, you could get ahead working on those. Good luck!

Of course I will work on them, I would like to hear different thoughts. Thank you. :slight_smile:

“Deep Sky” - bass instrument has an annoying frequency that should be changed, Spectrasonics Trillian has a really good Upright Bass for example. Also percussion / rhythm shuld be louder to drive the track along. The brass motif’s are too repetitive and seems to be a little lazy in arrangement. Could be interesting if the stabs were varied. Organ is also repetitive in arrangement. Piano is good and you should expand on this.

I am not a reviewer, just my opinion.

Thank you very much for your analysis, it is very valuable!
All the comments that I have heard here are very valuable to me.
I will try to improve the sound! Now it becomes clearer to me why a reject was received for these tracks. Thanks!

Hello! My opinion, as already mentioned above, sounds, middle-class instruments, there will be high-quality sources, there will be quality of your work!

I am grateful for your feedback guys. You said a couple of times that I use middle-class sound. What exactly did you mean? I use the sounds of KONTACT5 Please tell me what tools (sounds) do you use? pads, drums, bass, solos? If it’s not difficult to post links to them, I will be very grateful!