My item cost 12$ but price was changed to 6$. Why?

My item cost 12$

And I have 2 sales. But each sale was with price 6$

Why 6$ and not 12$? I don’t understand

Hello, check this:

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you earned only 3,31$ from one 12$ item, not 6$.
2.69 is US Backup Witholding Tax, because u didn’t fill W-8 form (settings->personal information)
3.60 is autor fee for Envato
3.31 is you nett earn.

Hello. I’ve seen this before.

I dont undestand this one “With total cumulative sales of $0 your Net Author Earning on a $100 item would be $50.” This I have (my item cost 12$ and my net is 6$).

BUT above is written “Our author fee to exclusive authors is between 12.5%-37.5% of the item price.”

12.5%-37.5% not 50%.

Can anyone explaine this? And what is Envato buyer fee?

Here you go!

And note that your statement shows $9.60 rather than $6.00. The support fee is separated out from the total item price… and you’re seeing the item price, not the list price ($12 is the list price).

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Ok. Its very usefull. But tell me why I see a sale with 6$ for item (without support)?

Because that’s what the item price is (without support), and your statement only shows the item price, rather than the list price.

And what difference between item price and list price?

If it’s not an item in an author driven pricing category, then a buyers fee of 20% is taken from the item price. What’s left is the item price. 20% of $12 is $2.40, which is why you’re left with the combined item price of $9.60.

I see)) But it I choose support for my item the price will be 12$+3.6$ = 15.6$
Not 6+3.6$

Well yeah… if you add extended support the price will be different, if the buyer goes for an extended license the price will be different, and if the buyer buys a different item then the price will probably be different… but your example was based on a $12 item price, and the figures on your statement page are correct for that item price. Either way, take 20% from the sale price, and that’s the item price.

$15.60 minus 20% equals an item price of $12.48.

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Sorry, my mistake)) Just notice that regular licence include 6 month support (3.6$ from my price).
So if I get you right my item has price 12$ that includes a support price 3.6$.

Sort of. Your support has an item price of $3.60, and a total sale price of $4.50. Either way, as an exclusive, level 1 author, who is selling something in a category that isn’t subject to author driven pricing… you’ll always get 50% of the sale price.

Not including taxes, of course.

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If you do the math and ignore the US taxes , you’ll find out that 50% of the list price = 20% of the list price + 37.5% of 80% of the list price (80% of the list price is called the item price as SpaceStockFootage has already pointed out).

You might be interested in reading this. I abandoned it when I figured out that others had beaten me to it.


Now I understand:nerd:

Thanks to all of you for help))


What is a meaning of buyers fee? Is it a tax for item or any product? Autor must pay it to US government?

Buyer and Author Fees are fees taken by Envato for selling here.
Tax is separate.