My item, Box Packaging Mockup, has been rejected

Can someone tell me what could be reason because in email i didn’t found any specific reason. I’m professional and expert designer with many years experience but still Evanto rejected my second submited item. first was approved after few editing

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The first thing I noticed was that the image quality on the preview is very low, which makes the product look cheap.

Better Previews
I think it would also help if you showed off the box a bit better, such as different graphics, maybe half of it with nothing, just the plain white/grey box with the other half showing the graphics, this would help show its versatility. You could also show a small portion of it at 100% scale, such as a corner where you can see how detailed and realistic it really is.

Background Integration
The integration with the background looks pretty fake. There are no proper shadows that help ground it, and the lighting on the box is very flat. In the first preview, the box even sits back into a blurred area of the wood, but the box is still sharp. The perspectives are also off.

More Variety
For a simple box like this, I would expect more variety in how it’s positioned. It would definitely help to have a few more “standard” angles, but also have some more creative ones, like 2 boxes stacked on top of each other, balancing on one corner, or even opened up.

Stand Out
There are A LOT of box mockups on GraphicRiver, so you need yours to stand out, but as it currently is, it just doesn’t compare to most of the box mockups that are already there.

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OKay, I will keep these points in mind while working on next item. Thanks a lot