My item Bank Management System has been rejected

Please help me why this item has been rejected?

Bank Management System .
This system is a comprehensive system for managing a financial institution or a bank.
Various parts including: Invoice, Bank Accounts, Customer Management and …
This system is based on the LARAVEL job form, which is very secure.

Admin user/password: / demo

Manager user/password: / demo

User: / demo

Will need to review this item to assist you in finding what is likely the reason why your product has been rejected on Codecanyon.
You can email the script to “Envato Forum Inbox” with the title “Rejected script on Code Canyon” and we can discuss and work on getting you back on the marketplace.

Never upload file due to your script security, Someone asked to upload the file which is not needed. If you upload file then he can easily download it and use it for others. Be careful. And expert can review by observing the inner functionality. I also got hard reject after 9 days pending. No specific reason but I’m not worried for that hard reject. But I can see so many script and their condition poor than me got accepted and from same group of developers. I mean they have multiple codecanyon author id and and their product getting accepted each week without getting any rejection. I investigate that they have really multiple item and poor quality. Don’t know who are setting on review chair. But it’ll be fine if we receive some specific reason, because going through the terms and condition we already followed during making the script. So how we find or how we go through again as we already followed the terms and conditions?