My HTML5 Hard Rejected from envato

Hi everyone

i am new author on themeforest. i have submitted my HTML template on themeforest and they have hard rejected my theme even i maintain all upload policies. i maintain html quality and HTML validation also maintain CSS and layout quality still they have rejected my temaplte

my url is

can you please explain why this template rejected, so next time i will carefull of my mistakes.


I’m no web-wizard, but from a website visitor perspective, I looked at the top left version.

I think the menu bar at the top is the weakest part… it seems too basic and doesn’t have a premium feel. Like you’d get on some free template or something. The alignment of the big image boxes seems off in a couple of places and in others there seems to be a very fine white line or gap at the edges of some of the images. The map is a different size to the contact box. Nothing wrong with that, but as the sizes are so close it looks like it’s an error rather than just different sizes. There’s a thin white line around the circular staff images as well. The icons seem a bit big and chunky.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty good, there’s nothing massively wrong with it, and it probably would have been accepted a couple of years back… but the quality standards are improving all the time, and there are so many themes, that your has to be of a very high standard to be accepted.