My HTML website got rejected

I am new to Envato. I have create a Bootstrap HTML5 one page template and upload. Within a day I received a email that “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

I am not aware what went wrong. Kindly any one suggest to sort out this.

Please share URL to your demo if you want to get some feedback.

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Thanks for your quick support. Here is my website link

misalignment and spacing in many places in the design

the gaps here are not consistent

not aligned

typographic hierarchy error

very larger title

headline here is too long text or make font size smaller
separate the text from the picture

negative and white space error

use the space here meaningfully and consistently

the headings here should be meaningful and not be a relative hierarchy error

make the title distinguishable from the icon and make the padding consistent

There are lots of gaps and visual & typographic hierarchy and alignment errors in your design
In responsive mode, some regions are left-aligned, some are middle
this is a visual hierarchy problem
and check the products here and view the products in the market
learn the design rules from the tutorials here

Thank you so much for your reply. Really you made a clear understanding. Thanks a lot I will follow the above steps and will submit a quality item.

You’re welcome