My HTML Web App template was rejected

I recently uploaded an HTML template for an E-conference & Collaboration Platform. Few hours later I got a mail that the template was rejected and they said “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”.
Please can someone help me out on how to go about this.

Here’s the demo -

I think that’s because the console error your demo site showing up. (I just guess here)

Wow, I never thought that would be an issue, but that shouldn’t be an enough reason for the template to be Hard Rejected, don’t you think?

Hi @Cyberposh, sorry to hear your item got rejected. The thrown console error is not the reason for the rejection for sure. In general the design of your item needs a lot of improvements:

  1. As a whole it’s very basic and looks outdated. There are many inconsistencies throughout - for example different border widths/color, button text is not aligned, in the sidebar menu the icons are also not aligned with the menu item’s text. As a whole it looks pretty Bootstrap basics, which is not enough these days to get approved.
  2. The typography needs improvements - different font weights throughout and different colors for the text which again looks inconsistent.
  3. Responsiveness is not great - the sidebar menu is practically unusable on smaller viewports, same for other components. If you test this, even with the Chrome browser tools I am sure you will agree.

I would suggest to think of ways to make your design more modern looking, it can still be minimal of course, and fix all the technical issues before submitting.

Wow, I never thought the design was that bad. Thanks a lot for the guides. I’ll definitely work on them

Agreed with @OctaTheme

In my point of view, the design is the main factor here. Typography should be improved, some text & context isn’t readable for example in your “statistics.html” Show 7 entries, Search: etc. The previous & next section looks blend & icon not centered etc. Alignment issues, various font sizes & color combination should be improved.

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Hi, You need to required more UI Improvements. You can check latest Dashboard Templates.