My html template was rejected, I can give you $ 50 from the sale of this product if you can help


please view my template and advise me. If need any improve this design tell me

Most of the CMS themes comes with mobile theme already these days and paying a mobile e-Commerce template won’t be a good idea as the buyer won’t be able to sell the products.

In addition, the design is too basic.

the design is too basic??I don’t get

from my view its ready to Sell . Good Luck

But the rejection is hard

The design/template doesn’t bring anything new to the marketplace

Check Dribble for new Design .


Thank you

You are welcome . :blush: and Good Luck .

Try to fix a contrast ratio of white text on the grey background. You can check the contrast ratio here -

You can also ask professional for help. I doubt $50 would be enough, but anyway, I can recommend this company:

Hey! Your design is very nice I like it!

The problem here is that you did everything on your hand! And the people in the review don’t like the unique style and “your own mind”.

So, this green is not the color of the year, and this item is not really what they need to sell. That being said, in my opinion there’s nothing bad about it, and there’s a lot good in it too. Menu animation is amazing!

They call it “raising the bar”, but I call it, if you’re that good, don’t work for them, as you’ll lose a lot of precious time making really good products that some person is not advised to call approved.


Thanks it was helpful

Thank you.
What is the company’s work?

Thank you for your comment
I became very happy

What is your solution for whom should I work?