My HTML template was hard rejected dont know why?

Hi everyone,

I uploaded an HTML template to ThemeForest and my template hard rejected.

here a reviewer message:
Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Astral - Digital Agency and Marketing Onepage HTML5 Template” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

this is the link:

Can anyone tell me what is the actual problem?

Hi, maybe your category was error other category… but I am not sure.

we added corporate as category is it correct?

Yes, I think that if your design is business than add category business - corporate but also name the title of item also for example “Astral - Business Template HTML” but I am not sure you can wait other author will reply you.

with respect your design concept is good. why rejected Item reviewer know well. From my side I have gotten some issues as like in your template error exist: TypeError: $(…).isotope is not a function
Also I have found spacing, alignment and typography issues. also check in small devices some section alignment is not the right way. Thanks

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Design has good start maybe you should stop using cutted corners in everywhere. Also in mac scrolling doesnt work smoothly. Maybe you should align your vertical lines with container it will help. Change name make better preview and add to item description image presentation image resubmit again to get approve this item… About header maybe u should make some moves slides images or texts.

good luck



The biggest problem is with the typographical hierarchy.

There is a lack of dedication to work on the details on the other hand as he said @mgscoder has problems with space and aligned, there is also a forced contrast due to the color palette that are annoying when it comes to reading a text.

It is necessary to rethink the visual identity so that it has a greater harmony with the concept and the segment.

On the other hand the displacement animations have caused me an inconvenience by not being able to locate myself in a place in particles to be able to visualize with comfort.

Keep up the good work with perseverance you will achieve good results