my html template not showing in quee?

hi guides finally after 18 days my html template removed queed tag. Now i want to know where is my html template and next what i can do? i need some help i am new at themeforest.

That means your item was rejected. You should get an email with the type of rejection and the reason. Make sure to check your spam folder.

yeah i recieved that email now. next what can i do baileyherbet
here is my theme link

With respect, your template’s design is far from the standard for approval on ThemeForest. There is a lot of inconsistency with typography, spacing, overall aesthetics etc.

ThemeForest is not an open marketplace, only themes with high quality and premium designs are accepted for sale. I would suggest looking at other approved templates to see the level of design expected here.

thanks baileyherbert. plz suggest me any html template to follow the hierarchy and how to get latest design also.
thanks in advance for your help.