My HTML Template is Rejected

Hello sir
my Html template got rejected. Any advice or feedback will be greatly appreciated.

E- You need to look at your hosting it is crazy slow to load the site.

  • Home page would be better scaling to fit the window

  • Map doesn’t load

  • Scroll / page loading are both generally is jittery

  • X icon to close each page is very pixelated

  • Portfolio items don’t open light box or link anywhere

  • Typography is not great

  • Bottom of blog page exposes main page

  • No blog ‘posts’

  • No footer

  • Sign up/login form fields are unlabelled

  • Generally it doesn’t feel at all premium, needs a lot more to it, more attention to detail etc.

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I’d also like to add That your page is loading a whopping 82.5 Megabytes which is absolutely killing the load speed even on decent servers, plus, I’m not even going to mention mobile devices.

Make sure you use image resolutions properly so the load time is decreased, at this state, it’s killing everything!

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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1.) You need to improve the look and feel of website.
2.) Improve typography.
3.) Excess use of animation. You where it looks good and its necessary.
4.) Images are taking lots of time to load
5.) No gallery lightbox.

Sorry to say but need to improve a lot.

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Thank you @charlie4282 @Enabled @ThemeCurator
for give me some advice.
can you see it after edit her

Still loading 76.4 Megabytes… that’s still awful, still needs a lot of improvement performance wise! :slight_smile:


I would suggest to check it throughly. Still errors.