My HTML template has been rejected. Need help.

i received “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward” feedback email for my item. I would really appreciate if you could check out the template and help me find my mistakes.

Here is the demo of my template: Webstack — Responsive HTML Template for Saas, Software & Startup

Thank you all, in avance.

It looks good for me

Hi @BaseThemeco, it looks good indeed, but there are several problems, which maybe the reason for the rejection:

Use of copyrighted logos in your item - you should use placeholders for that since this is prohibited ( I am talking about the logos in your landing pages).

Some spelling errors - check your spelling throughout the pages, and you will see that some improvement is needed.

And one other reason - you seem to have drawn heavy inspiration for your item from somewhere else. There is a very similar item in another marketplace - I am not going to name it. It could be pure coincidence but also the reason for the rejection.

Thank you so much for your reply. I’ll try to fix the reasons you are talking about. Could you answer a couple of questions?

  1. Do I have to provide purchased licenses for paid plugins (such as an isotope for example)?
  2. Can I put a player with a link to a video from a vimeo? Or do I need to replace this with a placeholder too? (

No problem, glad I could help. Regarding your questions:

  1. Yes, for paid plugins a license is required (isotope, gsap, etc.). If requested by the reviewers you have to provide some form of proof that you have purchased a license for the paid plugin that you are using in your item.
  2. There is no problem using a Vimeo video, as long as it is royalty free. But there are plenty of them on Vimeo so don’t worry about that :slight_smile:

Many thanks. I’ll try to rework my template. May I ask you for advice in the future?

Yes, of course. I forgot to mention one important thing - that the images, logos, videos, etc used in your demo/showcase cannot be included in the packaged item. Instead they should all be replaced with placeholders. But I suppose you are aware of that.

Thank so much! =)