My html template got quality standard rejection again

Can everyone help me?

Demo URL:

Sorry but that is not good. Compare it to some recent bestsellers in your category and spend more time honing your skills.

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Okay thanks for review
More html template got quality standard

Please tell me

This one page resume style is so so so so overdone - you are making things multiple times harder by using that style


Which project :

They are both in that same style - we see rejections like this daily here.


I need to check my newly created template for sell at theme forest.
I know that thare are some drawbacks in it(template). It will be good of you if you point them out.
Eagerly waiting for your feedback.
Have a close observation. Good luck!!!
Demo link hear :

Hello how are you doing!

Your project will not be approved since it is very simple.

Now what you need is; improve your design skills.

Remember that TF has the highest standards on the market, do not just try to meet it, you have to exceed it.

Think of every detail you can imagine.

I wish you the best