My HTML Template Got Hard Rejected

Hi gyes

I need help

My HTML template got hard rejected

It is VERY glitchy on Safari o Mac. Those hover animation in the first three columns section are not optimized at all.

Other than that it is an OK start, but it doesn’t feel very polished. Take a look at some recent fashion bestsellers to get some inspiration.

Also, you shouldn’t use free hosting. It not only looks very unprofessional, but if you get approved, the number of visits in first few days will most likely crash your site = you won’t get any sales.


Please tell, if I correct these errors, I will be able to republish the template

It is not just errors. You need to improve your design. If you make significant improvements then you can resubmit of course. And you surely won’t make any significant improvements overnight, so just keep that in mind and try to be realistic.


I will accept these wishes.

i see you can write code but you need to implement better design. If you show others Template ou cann see what is better. Good luck

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Do you mean the layout of the design or UI design ?

Do you think the Ui design is bad or how is it displayed?

Or do you mean parallax effects in design?

You need to improve it in every aspect.