My HTML site is not working in reviewer's browser

Hello everyone,

I am facing difficulty approving my new HTML items. My HTML items are working well in my chromo browser but it’s not working in reviewer’s chromo browser.

My item’s live url is:

This is the screenshot from the reviewer:

The reviewer is:

The strange topic is that I am facing this situation only with that specific reviewer. My other items got approved by other reviewers without any issue.

Please visit my item URL and let me know if it doesn’t work in your browser.

Thanks in advance!

Did you check it on mac device Chrome ?

same here, I can’t see your site. error:
Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

Can you please share screenshot of the error what you see?

I think you have to check all browsers to see if something is wrong.

Hope this helps out -> (screenshot) - When I reload everything works fine. Seems like you have an AJAX issue somewhere, things not getting called at the right time, and this is definitely a Hard Reject reason.

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Hi Enabled, thank you for your effort to find it out. Just please let me know which browser and OS you used to track the error?

Thanks in advance.

Like testing any product. Chrome, incognito, disable cache. It’s the best way to test a “new” user.

It works on Chrome on MacBook Pro 2020.