My HTML Page Builder get hard rejected. Why?

Hi everyone,

I created a HTML Page Builder. It has very unique features. But get hard rejected.

Thank you very much if you can review the product and provide feedback.

Builder link:

Documentation link:

Please share your demo link rather than the full zip download. Thanks

Thank you for your advice.

Builder link:

Documentation link:

I’m unable to load the page, I’m using extended license and going to sell my template using a page builder so wondering if yours work fine.

Thank you!

Firstly you should design page and save it. Refresh page in the browser. Open the ‘Pages’ section in the sidebar. You will see the created page. Page loaded after the clicking the pencil button.

Note: Kodyok isn’t available for other designers and developers their designs. You can use Kodyok for only our designs. But you can create every design possible by using basic elements.

I am happy to answer all kinds of problems.