My HTML Landing Page Got A Hard Reject

Hi Guys My HTML Landing Page Got A Hard Reject
This Is The Demo Url

take a look a tell Me If I Am doing Something Wrong

Responsive For The Reviewer

and unfortunately, we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

should I abandon the Landing Page?
because for the Responsive I look Like They Don Want This Landing Page I Put a Lot Of Work Into this landing Page

Thank You

With respect, this is way off the standards -

there’s a lot of very unfinished areas e.g. blog posts, buttons like ‘discover all tours’ which do not go anywhere

Typogrpahy and spacing all need improvement etc.

There’s not much premium features or functionality about it

hi Sir
This is a Landing Page A One Page Theme With 3 demos
so One-page Theme Are Not acceptable at Envato and will about the typography can you tell me how to improve spacing I am 1.4 line-height for the paragraph which it normal and the other spacing will
you could tell it is too much or too little
Thank You So much For The Response

Typography is much more then just setting “1.4 line-height for the paragraph”.

Spend spend time studying the web design.

Your design is just a copy paste of various ideas cheaply put together without understanding the design.

3 demos is really not enough. My last submission offers 200+ demos. But other than the number of demos, @charlie4282 already said everything: layout issues, typography hierarchy and typeface, spacing and alignment, responsive issues, unfinished sections, and more. Pay attention to details and, like @LSVRthemes told you, it seems you still need to work on your web design skills before being able to reach the approval. Best.

Thank It Will Take Some Courses