My HTML item was “Rejected” can you help me to clarify

Dear Authors, My HTML item “Rejected” again and again… Kindly help me to clarify my issue and let me know your comments…

Demo link: Logi Tour and Travel HTML5 Template

Firstly, if you keep getting rejected for the same item, then you need to be careful about resubmitting because that could end up with your account being blocked.

This design feels very unfinished. It’s just a series of different layouts presenting trips/destinations etc. with a book button attached.

You need to significantly extend things eg. Trip and destination pages as an absolute minimum

If you are going to have a navigation with links like “our story” then you need to have that page and content

Presumably the search function does not accurately work?

You are choosing a category that requires more in depth detail and won’t work as a one page design